There shall be Games and Toons for All…

3D Animation & Video Games. Oh my.

We're ultra excited to announce our new game very soon.

Are we there yet?

A new video game scheduled for 2015 Release.


It’s amazing Molly, it just goes on…

Funding Experiment

Attn: Video Games, Apps, Comics, Book and Toon Creators!

  • Planning for Must Love T-Shirts has commenced.
  • The inaugural event will be held somewhere between Spokane and Seattle
  • We intend to raise $25,000 in Angel Funding for Creative Projects
  • This is designed and inspired by Slow Money & Patient Money structures
  • Creators be prepared to visit Spokane or Seattle, or Teleconference In
  • Be Preparing a 5-minute pitch filled with anything you can show
  • Demonstrate whatever you have (visual+audio+plot+character design, etc.)

Stay tuned to this website and follow @mustlovetshirts on Twitter for upcoming announcements, registration, and considerations details.

You made me. Remember?
You dropped me into that vat of chemicals.
That wasn’t easy to get over, and don’t think that I didn’t try.