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Summer Workshops

3D for Absolute Beginners – Let’s master the ABCs of 3D

3D Advanced Projects – Focus on Shaders, Advanced Modeling

3D for Video Games – Focus on Optimized Models ready for delivery on Mobile & Console/Desktop

Video Game Apprentice – Gain Experience, Work on Professional Project, Build a Portfolio & Resume

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from Summer ’14 – 3D Workshops


“Jeff Drew’s Summer 2014 3D Modeling & Animation course gave me a whole new level of skills that I needed to pursue 3D modeling, animation, and game design. During this class we started with the basics and quickly progressed to greater skill levels. Everyone in our class learned the same material, but Jeff took the time and paced the material for each individual’s learning style, so everyone got the most out of the class. I am very glad I took this course. I continually use the skills I learned from this course.”

Colton Belfils (A Student)


“Erin really enjoyed the Summer 3D Modeling Workshop. She increased her skill set with modeling and understands how to use the tools. Her subsequent mentoring work with Jeff Drew has also been a blessing for her. She has learned to use her skills to create a visual representation of anther individual’s design specification instead of only creating to please her own artistic eye. Thanks for your work with Erin! ”

Eric K. Whitley (A Parent)


“My son Colton took Jeff Drew’s 3D Modeling Course this last summer. Colton went into the course curious and very interested, but with little knowledge of 3D Modeling. He quickly learned skills and techniques to create and design 3D images on his own. This was a great hands-on learning environment to grow a skill you’re interested in. This class gave Colton the tools in deciding to pursue further education in 3D design. Thank you Jeff Drew.”

Lisa Belfils (A Parent)


“I was impressed with the amount of information and techniques I learned at the 3D Modeling & Animation workshop. This camp was really neat. I learned a ton of stuff about modeling and animation, and Jeff created a fun atmosphere.”

Brendan Hagerty (A Student)


“The main benefit of the 3D Modeling Workshop was the extensive amount of Blender learning. I came to the camp with no experience whatsoever and I left with some good expertise. This workshop also introduced me to digital graphics tablets and art programs and gave me a little bit of experience in them.”

Brendan Hagerty (A Student)


“Jeff was really flexible with the focus of the workshop. As we progressed he let the class decide what projects to focus on to learn the materials. He is extremely knowledgeable in Blender, and the graphics programs he was teaching.”

Brendan Hagerty (A Student)


“This workshop was a very in-depth course that easily and clearly demonstrated what one can do in Blender. It was a lot of fun coming in knowing next to nothing and now being able to create a model and use Blender with ease.”

Erin Whitley (A Student)


“I really enjoyed this course. Jeff Drew’s teaching style was ordered, concise, and very easy to understand so I could pick things up quickly. I feel like I have a solid grasp of Blender, especially modeling. I definitely enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time and effort to do this class :)” id=”1425690192981-3″][/testimonial][testimonial title=”Testimonial” tab_id=”1425690159642-9″ name=”Erin Whitley (A Student)” quote=”I can use Blender now! It’s much easier than I always thought it would be. I have found I enjoy modeling most in Blender because of the design aspect. I would still love to work with Blender and hone my skills. I love character design. Now I better understand the process of modeling and animating, which is a big thing for any career in a video game or film industry.”

Erin Whitley (A Student)



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